TED01: How to succeed? Get more sleep by Arianna Huffington

How to succeed? Get more sleep | Arianna Huffington

that are at the moment dormant inside us.

dormant ['dɔːm(ə)nt] adj. 休眠的;静止的;睡眠状态的;隐匿的

sleep-deprived 睡眠不足

I learned the hard way the value of sleep.

I fainted from exhaustion.


adj. 模糊的;头晕的;虚弱的;[医] 衰弱的vi. 昏倒;变得微弱;变得没气力

n. [中医] 昏厥,昏倒

exhaustion 英 [ɪg'zɔːstʃ(ə)n; eg-] 美 [ɪg'zɔstʃən]n. 枯竭;耗尽;精疲力竭

cheekbone ['tʃikbon] n. 颧骨;颊骨.

I got five stiches on my right eyes.and in the course of that....

in the course of:在…过程中;在…期间


that a way to more productive, more inspired, more joyful life, is getting enough sleep.

and we women are going to lead the way in the new revolution, this new feminist issue.

feminist ['fɛmənɪst] n. 男女平等主义者adj. 主张男女平等的

issue ['ɪʃu] n. 问题;流出;期号;发行物

vt. 发行,发布;发给;放出,排出

vi. 发行;流出;造成…结果;传下


we are literally to sleep our way to the top.

literally 英 ['lɪt(ə)rəlɪ] 美 ['lɪtərəli]adv. 照字面地;逐字地;不夸张地;正确地;简直


because for men, sleep deprivation has become a virility symbol.

virility [vi'riləti] n. 男子气;男子特点;生殖力,男子气 男性雄风 刚强有力

I was recently having dinner with a guy who bragged that he had only gotten four hours sleep the night before.

And I felt like saying to him -- but I didn't say it --

you know what ? if you had gotten five, this dinner would have been a lot more interesting.

brag 英 [bræg]

n. 吹牛,自夸vi. 吹牛,自夸vt. 吹牛,吹嘘n. (Brag)人名;(瑞典)布拉格


There is now sleep-deprivation one -upmanship.

upmanship [wʌn'ʌpmənʃɪp] n. 高人一等的作风


How about 8 o'clock?

They are likely to tell you, eight o'clock is too late for me.but that's OK, I can get a game of tennis in and do a few conference calls and meet you at eight.

And they think that means they are so incredibly busy and productive.

But the truth is they are not.

incredibly [ɪn'krɛdəbli]adv. 难以置信地;非常地


Because we at the moment have had brilliant leader , in business, in finance, in politics, making terrible decisions.

So a high IQ that doesn't mean that you are a good leaders.

because the essence of leadership

essence 英 ['es(ə)ns] 美 ['ɛsns] n. 本质,实质;精华;香精n. (Essence)人名;(英)埃森丝

and we've have far too many.

that are still be around.


while all the brothers are busy just being hyper-connected 24/7. because she would have woken up from a seven and a half or eight hours sleep.


as we are facing all the multiple crises in our world at the moment.

crises ['kraɪsiz] n. 危机,紧要关头;危险期(crisis的复数形式)

what is good for us on a personal level.

what's going to bring more joy , gratitude, effectiveness in our lives and be the best for our own carrer is also what is the best for the world.

gratitude ['grætɪtjuːd]n. 感谢的心情

So I urge you to shut your eyes to discover the great ideas that lie inside us, to shut your engines and discover the power of sleep.

urge ['ɜːdʒ]

vt. 力劝,催促;驱策,推进

n. 强烈的欲望,迫切要求;推动力

vi. 强烈要求











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