NS2 Scenarios Generator (NSG 2.1) – THE TCL SCRIPT GENERATOR

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NS2 Scenarios Generator (NSG) is a tcl script generator tool used to generate TCL Scripts automatically . . . !!!

NSG is a Java based tool that runs on any platform and can generate TCL Scripts for Wired as well as Wireless Scenarios for Network Simulator - 2. The procedure to execute these TCL Scripts on NS-2 is same as those of manually written TCL Scripts.

Some of the main features of NS2 Scenarios Generator (NSG) are as mentioned below:

(1) Creating Wired and Wireless nodes just by drag and drop.
(2) Creating Simplex and Duplex links for Wired network.
(3) Creating Grid, Random and Chain topologies.
(4) Creating TCP and UDP agents. Also supports TCP Tahoe, TCP Reno, TCP New-Reno and TCP Vegas.
(5) Supports Ad Hoc routing protocols such as DSDV, AODV, DSR and TORA.
(6) Supports FTP and CBR applications.
(7) Supports node mobility.
(8) Setting the packet size, start time of simulation, end time of simulation, transmission range and interference range in case of wireless networks, etc.
(9) Setting other network parameters such as bandwidth, etc for wireless scenarios.

Download NSG2 :

NSG2 (2007/5/20)
NSG2.1 (2008/11/18)
If you still wanna download NSG1 (previous version of NSG), it can be found here.
To execute NSG you need to install Java 6.0. NSG does not require any installation . . . !!! Just double click on the jar file to launch NSG. If it does not work, please see the instructions provided on the homepage of NSG here.
For more information on NSG and its previous versions, please visit the homepage of NSG here.

Launch NSG2 :

To execute NSG2, you have to install JAVA6.0 first. You can download JAVA6.0 from http://java.sun.com/. The details of JAVA6.0 installation, please refer to Sun JAVA site.
NSG2 doesn't need to be installed in your computer. You just download it and launch it with following instruction under TERMINAL command environment.
In fact, on my computer system, Ubuntu 12.04 I just double click the NSG2.jar, and NSG2 will automatically launch. If it doesn't launch, you can also launch NSG2 as following instructions.
  • open terminal
  • change directory into the folder where NG2.1.jar is copied.
  • type this cammand
    java -jar NSG2.1.jar


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