How to Write Email in English

The following content is original from JenniferESL fantastic YouTube channel. I learned a lot with Jennifer and Thank you so much.

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Talking about Email

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We all write email.  It's part of our daily communication.

Maybe you already have some experience writing email in English, but I bet you still have some questions and doubts.

In this series of videos, I'll give tips and models for writing both personal and business email.

First off, let's talk about email correctly.

Is the word "email" a noun or a verb? Both.

First, as a verb. ------I'll email you later today.

As a noun.----------- I sent you an email yesterday. (countable )

I haven't checked email yet.(uncountable )

Note how we can use it as a countable or uncountable noun.

Finally, we can use email as a noun modifier. We can use it before another noun, like an adjective.

I have two different email addresses.

Now let me give you some useful phrases.

How would you ask for someone's email address?

Can I have your email address?

What's your email address?

Can you text me your email address?

If you want to give your address to someone,

Let me give you my email address.

I have a new address.

That's my personal/work email. That's the address I use for work.

you could say something like this.

Do you know what it means to shoot someone an email?

It's an informal way of saying "send someone an email".

shoot someone an email = send someone an email(informal)

So you can say something like this.

Shoot me an email.

Send me an email.

Can you send it by email?

Can you email me?

Can you email that file?

Sometimes we promise to send an email. You can say something like this.

I'll email you.

I'll shoot you an email.

I'll send an email.

I'll send it by email.

I'll contact you by email.

Let's stay in touch through email.


Well, I have to check my email. So that's all for now. Happy studies!


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