Default Keyboard Shortcuts

The following tables list the default keyboard shortcuts. They are categorized by actions.

General Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Keyboard shortcut
Open file or project Ctrl+O
New file or project Ctrl+N
Open in external editor Alt+V, Alt+I
Select all Ctrl+A
Delete Del
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Redo Ctrl+Y
Print Ctrl+P
Save Ctrl+S
Save all Ctrl+Shift+S
Close window Ctrl+W
Close all Ctrl+Shift+W
Close current file Ctrl+F4
Go back Alt+Left
Go forward Alt+Right
Go to line Ctrl+L
Next open document in history Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Go to other split Ctrl+E, O
Previous open document in history Ctrl+Tab
Activate Locator Ctrl+K
Switch to Welcome mode Ctrl+1
Switch to Edit mode Ctrl+2
Switch to Design mode Ctrl+3
Switch to Debug mode Ctrl+4
Switch to Projects mode Ctrl+5
Switch to Help mode Ctrl+6
Toggle Issues pane Alt+1 (Cmd+1 on macOS)
Toggle Search Results pane Alt+2 (Cmd+2 on macOS)
Toggle Application Output pane Alt+3 (Cmd+3 on macOS)
Toggle Compile Output pane Alt+4 (Cmd+4 on macOS)
Toggle other output panes Alt+number (Cmd+number on macOS)Where the number is the number of the output pane.
Activate Bookmarks pane Alt+M
Activate File System pane Alt+Y
Activate Open Documents pane Alt+O
Maximize output panes Alt+9
Move to next item in output panes F6
Move to previous item in output panes Shift+F6
Activate Projects pane Alt+X
Full screen Ctrl+Shift+F11
Toggle the sidebar Alt+0 (Cmd+0 on macOS)
Undo Ctrl+Z
Move to Edit modeIn Edit mode:

  • The first press moves focus to the editor
  • The second press closes secondary windows
Exit Qt Creator Ctrl+Q

Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Keyboard shortcut
Auto-indent selection Ctrl+I
Collapse Ctrl+<
Expand Ctrl+>
Trigger a completion in this scope Ctrl+Space
Copy line Ctrl+Ins
Copy line down Ctrl+Alt+Down
Copy line up Ctrl+Alt+Up
Paste from the clipboard history Ctrl+Shift+VSubsequent presses move you back in the history
Cut line Shift+Del
Join lines Ctrl+J
Insert line above current line Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Insert line below current line Ctrl+Enter
Decrease font size Ctrl+- (Ctrl+Roll mouse wheel down)
Increase font size Ctrl++ (Ctrl+Roll mouse wheel up)
Reset font size Ctrl+0
Toggle Vim-style editing Alt+V, Alt+V
Split Ctrl+E, 2
Split side by side Ctrl+E, 3
Remove all splits Ctrl+E, 1
Remove current split Ctrl+E, 0
Select all Ctrl+A
Go to block end Ctrl+]
Go to block start Ctrl+[
Go to block end and select the lines between

the current cursor position and the end of the block

Go to block start and select the lines between

the current cursor position and the beginning of the block

Select the current blockThe second press extends

the selection to the parent block.To enable this behavior,

select Tools > Options > Text Editor >

Behavior> Enable smart selection changing.

Undo the latest smart block selection Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U
Move current line down Ctrl+Shift+Down
Move current line up Ctrl+Shift+Up
Trigger a refactoring action in this scope Alt+Enter
Rewrap paragraph Ctrl+E, R
Enable text wrapping Ctrl+E, Ctrl+W
Toggle comment for selection Ctrl+/
Visualize whitespace Ctrl+E, Ctrl+V
Adjust size Ctrl+J
Lay out in a grid Ctrl+G
Lay out horizontally Ctrl+H
Lay out vertically Ctrl+L
Preview Alt+Shift+R
Edit signals and slots F4
Toggle bookmark Ctrl+M
Go to next bookmark Ctrl+.
Go to previous bookmark Ctrl+,
Fetch snippet Alt+C, Alt+F
Paste snippet Alt+C, Alt+P
Find usages Ctrl+Shift+U
Follow symbol under cursorWorks with namespaces,

classes, functions, variables, include statements and macros

Rename symbol under cursor Ctrl+Shift+R
Switch between function declaration and definition Shift+F2
Open type hierarchy Ctrl+Shift+T
Switch between header and source file F4
Turn selected text into lowercase Alt+U
Turn selected text into uppercase Alt+Shift+U
Run static checks on JavaScript

code to find common problems

Find and replace Ctrl+F
Find next F3
Find previous Shift+F3
Find next occurrence of selected text Ctrl+F3
Find previous occurrence of selected text Ctrl+Shift+F3
Replace next Ctrl+=
Open advanced find Ctrl+Shift+F
Record a text-editing macro Alt+(
Stop recording a macro Alt+)
Play last macro Alt+R
Show Qt Quick toolbars Ctrl+Alt+Space
Execute user actions in FakeVim mode Alt+V, n, where n is the number of the user action, from 1 to 9


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